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Webiste Development

We design website to cater your needs, for a smooth gliding experience for your website visitors. It comes along with a SEO audit to rank your page higher than your competitors. No one understands more than us that each website is unique and the intention of each website is diffrent. No matter what your intention is, lead generation, brand awareness or just a digital presence
We got you covered !

Mobile friendly pages

Unlike just 4 years before, more and more customers are now browsing the internet or google searching things which their smartphones. That’s why we specialise in making mobile friendly websites.

Website Design
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Generate Customers Online

Most importantly, if your intention of developing a website is to generate more customers through online mediums, we not only just build websites but provide you with all the support you need to acquire new customers and put you ahead of the competition.

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Our Offerings



  • 3 page website (Including home page)

  • 1 Year domain + server cost

  • Basic SEO to rank better on google

  • Contact form to generate organic leads

  • 5 Website updates for one year



All Basic Plan +

  • 5 Page website (Including homepage)

  • Detailed SEO with keyword targets

  • Advanced level mobile friendly site

  • 3 months aggressive lead generation



All Premium+

  • Integrate online payment gateway (Razorpay)

  • 8 Website Updates per year

  • 5 blogs posts related to topic

  • All prices are inclusive of taxes

  • Logo and write ups to be given by customers

  • Rs3,500 for setting up google workspace account, if required


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