Why to Install Rooftop Solar Plant in Pune ?

When in Pune it is hard to miss those solar panels installed on multiple rooftops on houses with solar power gaining popularity everyday. Pune was late to catch up with the trend of generating your own power through rooftop Solar but now Pune has left behind Delhi, Bengluru, Chennai and also Mumbai in solar systems installations standing at 130MW now.

The main reason for this is the high electricity tariff rate that DISCOM charges in the region. Second one is the gaining awareness in the good people of Pune about the release of harmful greenhouse gasses due to coal burning. Let’s try to break down the reasons one by one to better understand them below.

Rooftop solar plant (Pune)

1) High Energy Tariff:

Electric tariff rate in Pune is one of the highest in our country. Meaning, when we use any of our electrical gadgets we are essentially paying more money than someone from another part of the country would for the same usage. This makes it very lucrative to install solar on your rooftop and generate our own power. All the power generated is free of cost for you ! Average return on investment on a Solar plant in pune is about 35-40% returns per year. You won’t find another investment instrument as strong and secure as solar.

Case Study [LT-Residential Slab customer]

Let us first see an energy bill sample for Pune and calculate the tariff rate for it.

MSEB sample bill (Pune)

The rate per unit (kWhr) the property owner pay is Rs11.71 and additional Wheeling Charge of Rs1.45. On the top of this the he is being charged an Electricity Duty of 16% grand totalling to Rs15.26 per unit cost to him. Now imagine he installs a solar plant with one time investment option on his roof thus all the energy he generates saves him money according to this unit rate.

The average consumption for this customer from his historical analysis was about 3500 units and thus we installed a 20kW system on his rooftop. This is calculated as 20kW system has the capacity to generate minimum 2400 units per month and using Tier 1 solar modules plus an inverter with module level optimisers, we can extract about 2650 units from the same plant per month. Simply multiplying [2650 X 15.26 (unit rate) = Rs40,439] shows us that the property owner now saves electric bill worth Rs40,439 per month. And he is expected to save this amount till the time the sun is shining !

2) Save the Environment:

Fortunately, the rooftop solar panels on your roof rely only on the sunlight from the mighty sun to generate power. This makes using the energy from the solar system completely green without adding any pollution to the Pune air quality. You save on the tons of carbon-di-oxide which would had been released if the same energy would had been generated from a conventional coal or fossil fuel plant. Though it is not directly related to solar power, but being reliant on the coal power plant not only increases the air pollution but the plant also adds pollutants to river water and landfills damaging the environment in unimaginable proportions. Sound pollution levels are also reduced as these plants don’t make a noise while working for you!

The counter point for this is, that solar modules make pollution while they are being manufactured and after their use-full life is over but it is important to note that this is very low compared to the carbon released by the fossil fuel industry.

Woman spreading arms in Sun

Net Metering Benefit:

Using the net metering facility from MSEB (Discom in Pune), we don’t need to install batteries in the system saving a huge sum of money on batteries upkeep and replacement. Using this facility, you can bank your excess energy in the grid instead of batteries and provided the grid works without any load shedding than it used to just a few years before in Pune, the solar system works flawlessly. You can learn more about net-metering here.

Steps of installing Rooftop Solar Plants in Pune:

Step 1:

Consult with multiple Solar solutions providers in your area. They will educate you on the optimal size of the plant you require as per your electricity consumption. When puting up a solar rooftop plant in Pune, consider it like an investment you do in any other sources and choose quality over cheap cost.

Step 2:

Once you confirm the rooftop solar installing company and the make of components to be used, some permissions are taken from the DISCOM as your electricity meter would have to be replaced by a net meter. Net-meter unlike the normal bi-directional one can measure energy coming in and going out from the solar plant, you can learn more here.

Step 3:

Once the plant is setup and installed, the government officials will do a site visit to ensure it is setup as it should be. After the formalities are done, the electric meter is changed and the plant is turned on!

If you are in Pune and looking for a reliable company to install Rooftop Solar Plant on your roof, try giving us a call ! You can find our details on the homepage here.


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