Why Install A Solar Rooftop In India?

As of November 2021, India's installed solar capacity was 48.556 GW, with plans to increase this in the coming years. Still not convinced about the benefits of installing solar on your property? Give us Bigwit Energy a quick call and we would solve all your queries or doubts and help you go solar in the easiest way.

Solar energy is a clean, environmentally friendly, renewable energy source that is abundant. It does not pollute the air or water, nor does it emit greenhouse gases. In recent years, the globe has been rapidly adopting renewable energy. India is also emerging as a global leader in renewable energy generation. In its efforts to progress toward sustainability.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the installation of solar systems in India. This article will explain why this dramatic increase occurred and why it is past time for Indians to adopt solar energy as one of their key energy sources.

What Exactly Are Solar Rooftops?

A solar rooftop is a photovoltaic system consisting of solar panels installed on the roof of a house or structure. These panels transform the light energy emitted by the Sun into electrical energy.

A rooftop solar system is a photovoltaic system with its electricity-generating solar panels positioned on the roof of a building where any shade does not obscure the availability of sunshine and sunlight can directly reach the panels without any obstruction.

Solar panels harness solar energy, which is the Sun's radiation in the form of light energy, to generate electricity.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy?

Solar energy is an useful energy source that has the potential to compete with other energy sources in the coming years. In contrast to coal or nuclear energy, solar energy is abundant.

It is a renewable energy source, which means it is constantly replenished and will never run out. It is a non-polluting energy source that emits no greenhouse gases after installation.

It lowers our reliance on costly foreign oils and fossil fuels and is one of the most cost-effective energy sources. You gain access to solar power and no longer need to rely on electricity or other fuel sources to power your home or business.

It helps to lower the large utility bills you have to pay each month, and the system does not require much maintenance or repair.

Why Is Solar Energy Required in India in the Form of Solar Rooftops?

India has a large solar rooftop potential of 1.7 petawatt-hours per year. Approximately 5,000 trillion kWh of energy is incident over India's land surface each year, with most areas receiving 4-7 kWh per square metre per day.

Even if only a small portion of the total incident solar energy is efficiently caught, we can meet the entire country's electricity needs. This massive amount of solar energy must be channelled properly in order to be fully utilised.

Rooftop solar benefits have been proposed by scientists and environmentalists as an alternative to providing a large-scale renewable energy source to India, which might result in a number of ecological, environmental, and social benefits. As of today, India has successfully built approximately 5.1 GW of rooftop solar and aims to have an installed capacity of 40 GW from rooftop solar systems. Rooftop solar panels are great for the Indian climate since India is in a favourable geographical location and receives plenty of tropical sunlight. Every year, India receives roughly 300 sunny days with clear skies. This sunshine should be used wisely as a source of energy.

Rooftop solar panels are substantially less expensive than traditional fuel sources and provide even greater cost reductions. Rooftop solar installations are assisting in the reduction of electricity costs and the efficient supply of electricity to families throughout the year at no extra cost.

The rooftop panel also solves another troubling issue in India: disparities in electricity distribution across the country. Even today, numerous districts in India, both rural and urban, lack access to energy and must rely on load shedding for the majority of the day. Rooftop solar panels will help to alleviate this problem to some extent by supplying enough power to these areas on a daily basis. It is also a cost-effective energy source for consumers.

It should be viewed as a safe investment because other sources of energy are nearing exhaustion, and you don't know how many more years we will get energy from fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy, which are currently at their pinnacle of popularity. Solar energy will be one of the most important sources of energy in the future. As a result, you should install it right away.

Another reason rooftop panels are a good investment is that they require little upkeep. There is no need for annual maintenance or repairs once the system is installed. The only issue may be that the panel becomes dusty, which you may clean yourself once in a while. Yes, the inverter that comes with the system and is responsible for energy storage may need to be replaced after 10-15 years, but that's it.

We owe something to Mother Nature, and using rooftop solar panels could be one way to repay her. Rooftop solar panels are eco-friendly and help to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Rooftop solar panels generate power from sunlight, posing fewer pollution threats to the environment than nonrenewable energy sources. These panels function without making any noise and emit fewer hazardous gases. As a result, rooftop panels effectively cut carbon footprints.


In the post, we discussed a variety of reasons why you should use solar rooftop panels. Rooftop panels should be pushed more widely since they are efficient, effective, clean, and cost-effective solar energy sources.

We also observed the benefits of solar energy and how it has evolved into one of the sources on which we may completely rely in the future.

We also investigated why solar rooftop panels are appropriate for India.

So, what steps do you believe we should take to raise awareness of solar energy in Indian society?


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