'What an Idea': Anand Mahindra on Solar Panels for Cyclists on South Korean Highways

Anand Mahindra is always on the lookout for ideas that question the status quo and push for a more sustainable way of life. The Mahindra & Mahindra CEO has long advocated for creative solutions to modern problems and challenges. A recent example of this feature emerged when Mahindra's attention was drawn to a scheme being implemented in South Korea. Erik Solheim, a former Norwegian politician, released a video of a bicycle lane running between two roads. The catch is that the bicycle lane is covered by solar panels, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone. The first is that the solar panels give shade for bikers in the hot heat, and the second is that it generates clean electricity.

Anand Mahindra has previously advocated for inventive solutions to persistent problems, such as the development of a "motorcycle wheelchair" and renewable energy solutions to address the climate catastrophe. In his most recent tweet, Mahindra supported the installation of solar panels above a bicycle path that connects two motorways.

The clever idea not only provides a space for solar panels to be installed, but it also protects bicycles from the sun and traffic. South Korea has already successfully implemented the idea.

Anand Mahindra tweeted a video of solar panel-covered bike lanes in South Korea, which was initially posted by climate change activist Mike Hudema. "What an idea, sirji..." he captioned the video. We've been doing something similar by covering canals, but this would significantly enhance coverage. Even if bikers do not utilise expressways, it is important considering... Who knows, maybe it'll spark a recreational cycling boom..."

Some argue that this plan will not only provide free real estate for the installation of solar panels, but will also make roadways safer for bicycles. "There are no safe cycle pathways in any of the major cities I've visited." I can't speak for Bangalore, but it's not in Bombay, Delhi, or even Chandigarh. "Motorcycles clog the specified paths that exist," a person complained.

The video was uploaded on Mahindra's Twitter feed as soon as the idea reached him. "What a brilliant concept, Sirji," Mahindra wrote. "We've been doing similar things by covering the canal," he noted, "but this will significantly expand coverage." Even if bikers do not utilise expressways, it is worth investigating...and who knows, maybe it may spark a recreational cycling boom." At the end of the caption, Mahindra tagged India's Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari.

Anand Mahindra, the Indian billionaire industrialist and chairman of the Mahindra company, proposed placing solar panels over a bike lane that runs between expressways, taking inspiration from South Korea.

A video shared by climate change activist Mike Hudema showing solar panel-covered bike lanes in South Korea intrigued and enthralled the businessman. Anand Mahindra retweeted the video, writing, "What a concept, sirji..." He claimed that his company had been doing something similar by covering canals, but that this will much enhance coverage.

Mahindra went on to remark that even if bicycles do not use the expressways, it is worthwhile to inspect the track. He also mentioned Nitin Gadkari, the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, and stated that this could result in an increase in leisure riding.

The notion is without a doubt fantastic. It has the ability to deliver several benefits ranging from creating a pollution-free environment to safer highway lanes for individuals riding two-wheelers while also giving protection from rain, sun, and traffic. One user responded to Mahindra's post by saying, "Forget bikers, it can be changed into a secure way for two wheelers!" Then highway travel would be lot safer!"

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