Waaree Solar: Model numbers and Price list

Waaree solar is an Indian company founded in 1989 that is 28 years old. It began operations by establishing Waaree Solar Instruments Ltd. Then, in 2007, apart from Instrumentation, the Waaree group diversified into solar energy and established Waaree Energies Pvt Ltd. as a renewable energy company. Surat, north of Mumbai, is where the company has an automated solar module production line.

Waree solar solar panels

Waaree Energies offers a comprehensive range of solar panels from 10Wp to 335Wp at the best price in India through dealers, distributors, and stockists operating under the brand name Waaree Solar. The Company manufactures solar panels for on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar power plant applications, as well as exports waree solar panels to a number of countries worldwide. Waaree solar is one of the fastest growing companies in the world because it is youthful, vibrant, and possesses a healthy balance of maturity, innovation, and creativity.

There are three different types of Waaree solar panels available in a range of capacities, so it's worth spending some time reading this information and deciding on the best solar panel for your needs. Alternatively, you can contact Bigwit Energy to learn more about waree solar panels.

Waaree Solar revolutionised solar panel technology, and it is constantly improving in terms of efficiency, quality, and versatility. Waaree solar panels are currently available in six different configurations on the market and through Bigwit Energy. Allow us to present the various types of solar panels by Waaree solar.

1. Small Modules

2. Polycrystalline


4. Bifacial

5. Flexible


1. Small Modules: The Arun series is available in 36/72 cell sizes. These are frequently used in do-it-yourself projects or to power solar street lights. Rural Electrification is a good example of this.

Find the data sheet for the small modules here.

ARUN SERIES WS-40-90 WEL-E&PD-40-90-36-72-P-C-02-13.08.2020
Download PDF • 73KB

ADITYA SERIES WS-320-350 WEL-E&PD-320-350-72-P-F-03-12.09.2020
Download PDF • 365KB

2. Polycrystalline:

Waaree offers a polycrystalline series of solar panels dubbed ADITYA. These are the most economical solar panels for your home. Solar panels of this type are constructed by pouring small molten silicon fragments into a mould. Due to the method of construction, the efficiency of these solar panels is slightly lower than that of monocrystalline solar panels. These solar panels, on the other hand, are quite cost effective. As a result of the reserved mounting holes, installation is simple. They are protected against the elements by an IP68 / Weatherproof PPO.

Polycrystalline solar panels are the most widely used type of solar panel globally. Solar panels are covered in glass sheets and then framed to provide protection. Additionally, they have a bluish colour and a grainy appearance on their surface.

ARUN SERIES WS-40-90 WEL-E&PD-40-90-36-72-P-C-02-13.08.2020
Download PDF • 73KB

3. Monoperc:

Waaree's monocrystalline solar panel series is called ARKA. These are some of the most efficient solar panels available. A single piece of pure silicon crystal is melted to create these panels. Following that, the solar cells are neatly arranged in rows and columns to create a rectangular shape. Additionally, the crystal framework produces a uniform blackish colour with no grain marks, ensuring the highest levels of purity and efficiency. Solar panels made of monocrystalline silicon perform best in areas with high temperatures and shade.

The latest module series from waaree solar are of 645wp to 665wp which are trendsetters in a market dominated by 500wp solar modules by other major manufacturers.

ARKA SERIES WSMD-420-455 WEL-E&PD-420-455-144-MP-HC-10-17.11.2021
Download PDF • 1.69MB

ARKA SERIES WSMD-645-665 WEL-E&PD-645-665-132-MP-HC-05-21.09.2021
Download PDF • 1.46MB

4. Bifacial:

The company offers a series of bifacial solar panels dubbed AHNAY. A bifacial solar panel is a two-sided energy-generating device that converts sunlight into electricity on both of its top and bottom surfaces. In other words, a bifacial solar panel has photosensitive surfaces on both sides. They are more efficient than monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels because they can capture light from two surfaces. They also provide with great aesthetics for your roof when installed with a customised super structure by Bigwit Energy.

Waaree Solar manufactures bifacial solar panels that are both framed and frameless. Solar cells are installed in a bifacial configuration on both the top and bottom of the panel, increasing total energy generation. Each solar module is protected by a protective glass cover on the top, and the rare side may be covered with transparent sheet or dual tempered glass.

AHNAY SERIES Bi-13-380-400 WEL-E&PD-380-400-144-MPB-HC-04-28.08.2020
Download PDF • 1.13MB

5. Flexible:

These solar panels, dubbed Merlin, are flexible in nature, resembling a sticker. Additionally, they offer a flexible system that is installed using a peel-and-stick method. Excellent performance at low angles and in scattered light. Modules that can be folded and have an extremely robust structure

6. BIPV:

BIPV, or building integrated photovoltaic solar panels, is a technique for vertically mounting solar panels on the wall of any structure. Front glass is 2.5 mm low iron, while the back glass is tempered with an ARC coating. 72 (12X6) Mono PERC cells with a dimension of 158.75 X 158.75 mm. Increased heat dissipation equals increased security. Energy loss in the cable has been reduced.

Waaree solar panels are extremely efficient and cost effective, making them an excellent option for any home. Nonetheless, it would be preferable to know which of these solar panels is the best fit for your home.

"The best solar panels for your home will be monoperc technology." The reason for this is their constant capacity for energy generation and their relatively low cost.

The features of the Waaree solar panel

Monocrystalline solar panels have a high efficiency rate, but their efficiency and generation of energy are not stable. Additionally, bifacial solar panels are not recommended for residential installations due to their extremely high cost.

Price list of Waree solar panels:

Type of Module

Cost per watt

Small Module

Rs35 / watt


Rs24.5 / watt


Rs26 / watt


Rs27 / watt


Rs32 / watt


Rs36 / watt


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