Solar plant price for 10kW system

Planning to install a 10kW solar system, but getting numerous quotes with price range from both ends ? Don’t worry, just go through this article and understand where you should negotiate and where you should not compromise on quality.

Price for a 10kW rooftop solar plant can vary from Rs4,00,000 to Rs6,00,000 (Including GST, installation and documentation prices). You can also get lower quotes than this, but then generally you would have to pay extra for paperwork or installation bringing the cost back to the above mentioned prices.

You can save about Rs51,00,000 in electricity bills over the warrantied lifetime of the solar plant. Want to install a 10kW solar plant in EMI ? Head on here to submit your collateral free loan request for 10kW plant. We offer solar rooftop plants on EMI pan India!

10KW Solar plant
10kW Solar PV Plant

To understand better how the cost of the plant is calculated and which components cost how much, please go through the details below:

1. Solar Panels: Solar panels are the most important component of the 10kW rooftop solar plant. They come in mainly type types, polycrystalline and mono-perc out of which the later ones are more efficient. Also to tackle the clouding or partial shadowing issues, they also come in full-cut and half-cut cells formation of which half cut are better. Best solar panels to consider in India are: - Trina Solar Mono-Perc half cut 500wp (High Cost) - Canadian Solar Mono-Perc half cut 440wp (High Cost) - Anchor by Panasonic Mono-Perc half cut 440wp (High Cost) - Vikram Solar Mono-Perc half cut 400wp (Medium Cost) - Renewsys Solar Mono-Perc (Low cost) (Read more about brands and technology of Solar Panels available in India here along with datasheets)

(Read the comparison between Trina Solar and Panasonic solar here)

2. Solar Inverters: Solar inverters are the heart of the 10kW rooftop solar plant. All the inverters largely used in 10kW plants are string inverters, with multi-MPPT input. Nearly all the inverters work with a 98% efficiency but the warranty time period differs with each brand. They also come with lifetime online monitoring facility so that you can monitor the health and generation of your 10kW solar plant from anywhere on earth! The most innovative solar inverter currently available is Solaredge. It ensures that the maximum possible power is extracted from the solar panels installed on your rooftop in all real-life conditions. You can learn more about Solaredge inverters advantages and prices here. Best solar inverters brand to consider in India are: - Solaredge

- Fronius - Solis Solar - Sofar Solar - Goodwee - Delta Electronics (Monitoring device costs extra) (Read more about brands and technology of Solar Inverters available in India here) Solar Panels and Solar Inverters consist of 80% price of your 10kW solar plant.

Solar Inverter
Solar Inverter

3. Solar Structure: The structure price in a 10kW solar plant is about Rs30,000 to Rs35,000 depending upon the thicknes and the C/S shape of the pillar and purlins. They are generally constructed of GI or painted MS structure wherein the cost of MS painted strucutre is generally higher then GI but they can be customized for each roof and upto extreme heights.

10kW solar plant structure

4. Junction Boxes: There are safety devices which are installed on both the sides of the inverter, ie AC and DC side. This ensures that all the components are isolated from each other incase of any faults. Ensure that the MCB is installed as per your connected load, generally for a 10kW solar plant 32A MCB is used. Along with this, SPD’s and fuses are present in the junction boxes. One most important and ignored component in junction boxes are the boxes itself. The solar panels has a warrantied life of about 25 years and the junction boxes would be in the full wrath of the weather all this time. The outer box needs to be of good quality to ensure that the components installed inside are protected in all seasons. (Read more about junction boxes and their functionality here)

Solar inverters and Junction boxes
Solar inverters and Junction boxes

5. Cables: There are three types of cables used in a 10kW rooftop solar plant. AC side, DC side and for the earthing. Price of cables for 10kW solar plant in a single plant can go to Rs10,000 but generally differ according to the lengths of the cables and the brand of the cables.


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