Secure Meters: Liberty 370

A smart metre is an electronic device that records data such as electric energy usage, voltage levels, current, and power factor. Smart metres transmit data to consumers for better understanding of their use habits, as well as to energy suppliers for system monitoring and customer billing. Smart metres often record energy in near real time and report on a regular basis at short intervals throughout the day. Smart metres allow for bidirectional connection between the metre and the central system. AMI differs from AMR in that it allows for two-way communication between the metre and the supplier. Wireless communications from the metre to the network are possible, as are fixed cable connections such as power line carrier (PLC). Cellular communications, Wi-Fi (which is widely available), wireless ad hoc networks over Wi-Fi, wireless mesh networks, low power long-range wireless (LoRa), Wize (high radio penetration rate, open, using the frequency 169 MHz), ZigBee (low power, low data rate wireless), and Wi-SUN are all common wireless communication options (Smart Utility Networks). Secure Meters: Liberty 370 is a latest smart meter introduced by Secure company. You can contact us Bigwit Energy for more details on secure liberty 370 smart meters here.

A quick look at the product

Prepayment power metre with three phases

The Liberty 370 is a three-phase prepaid electricity metre that gives account balance and consumption patterns, as well as alerts and messages to assist consumers in saving energy and budgeting properly. A user-friendly smartphone app allows consumers to quickly engage with the metre. The Liberty system gives utilities peace of mind by ensuring revenue completeness through operational efficiency. It is easy to administer and allows the utility to provide convenient consumer services. The vending system is simple to use, with a modular architecture that allows for connectivity with POS terminals, utility web portals, e-wallets/kiosks, and mobile apps. The extremely secure and robust solution adheres to the worldwide ISO 27001 standard.


  1. Metering in the home

  2. Small and medium-sized businesses

  3. Metering for temporary connections

  4. Sub-metering

  5. Metering for commercial use


  1. Effective energy budgeting by monetary consumption demonstrates

  2. Electricity buying alternatives that are hassle-free, as well as metre transfer

  3. There is no requirement for an additional device (smart card, USB) for token entry, and there is no need for a separate in-home display unit (IHD)

  4. Simple metre recharging via mobile app

  5. Revenue assurance and upfront revenue collection for utilities

  6. Increases the efficiency of billing and collection

  7. To avoid tampering, break to open the metre cage.

  8. There is no doubt about consumption or billing.


  1. Bluetooth token transfer is simple.

  2. 8-digit display that is simple and easy to use

  3. In the absence of a power supply, display

  4. Two metrological LEDs for measuring precision

  5. Consumers might use an emergency credit facility to help them manage their accounts.

  6. Friendly credit facility to avoid disconnecting during unsociable hours

  7. For multiple parameter navigation, a capacitive touchpad is combined with a regular telephone keypad.

  8. Environmental safeguards that are strong (IP54)

  9. Mechanism for simple disconnection/settlement

  10. Credit days with fixed and variable interest rates with no disconnection

  11. Time of Use tariff support for seasons and days that can be customised

Download the Secure Liberty 370 Manual here

Secure Liberty 370
Download PDF • 317KB


Liberty 370 Secure meters, specifications

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