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A smart metre is an electronic device that records data such as electric energy usage, voltage levels, current, and power factor. Smart metres transmit data to consumers for better understanding of their use habits, as well as to energy suppliers for system monitoring and customer billing. Smart metres often record energy in near real time and report on a regular basis at short intervals throughout the day.  Smart metres allow for bidirectional connection between the metre and the central system. AMI differs from AMR in that it allows for two-way communication between the metre and the supplier. Wireless communications from the metre to the network are possible, as are fixed cable connections such as power line carrier (PLC). Cellular communications, Wi-Fi (which is widely available), wireless ad hoc networks over Wi-Fi, wireless mesh networks, low power long-range wireless (LoRa), Wize (high radio penetration rate, open, using the frequency 169 MHz), ZigBee (low power, low data rate wireless), and Wi-SUN are all common wireless communication options (Smart Utility Networks). Secure Meters: Liberty 150 is a latest smart meter introduced by Secure company. You can contact us Bigwit Energy for more details on secure liberty 150 smart meters here.

Secure Liberty 150 meter supports Pay As You Go, Display in Monetary terms and in home display with bluetooth technologies.

A quick look at the product:

Secure Meter Bigwit Energy

Reliable, secure, and delivers consumption data in real time

The Liberty 150 is an intelligent single-phase, pre-payment energy metre that delivers real-time and historical consumption and accounting information. It is compatible with a wide range of tariff facilities. The interactive in-home display (IHD) combines simplicity and flexibility by allowing critical transactions, like as token transfer, to be performed without engaging directly with the metre. The IHD gadget includes Bluetooth capabilities, allowing it to receive the vend token from a mobile application. The IHD then transmits this information to the metre via a connected connection. Liberty 150 is powered by a web-based vending system that is extremely secure, adaptable, and simple to interface with utility and payment service provider systems.


Metering in the home

Metering for commercial use

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- Utility

  • Overheads are reduced because there is no need for costly and complex monthly billing.

  • Revenue growth - obtain paid for energy before it is spent.

  • Effective and effective load management through the meter's load switch

- Consumer

  • Electricity can be purchased based on need in a timely and straightforward manner.

  • Monitoring and budgeting of energy consumption is made easier.

  • There is no doubt about use or billing, and there are no late payment or reconnection costs.

  • Multiple vending alternatives are supported for quick and easy purchasing.


  1. In-home display (IHD) permits token transfer via a smartphone app, and users may watch their consumption in real time.

  2. The IHD's two-line display guides the consumer through activities such as token entry, and the 'Friendly credit' option ensures no disconnections after hours.

  3. The IHD's audible low-credit alert invites the consumer to 'top up'

  4. If the consumer is unable to top-up on schedule, the emergency credit facility prevents termination.

  5. The programmable 'high load' alert assists the consumer in avoiding disconnect due to overload.

Download the Secure Liberty 150 Manual here

Liberty 150
Download PDF • 1.04MB

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