Rooftop Solar Plant on EMI

There is no doubt that a rooftop solar plant installed on your roof can help you save more than 20-30X the money you invest in the plant in India. The fact is, investment in rooftop solar plant is much more secure than any other kind of investment instrument. When you can expect a safe payback of 5-6% when you put money in a reputed bank fixed deposit scheme, at the same time you should expect more than 35% payback when you invest in solar! And plus, your investment is guaranteed till the sun is shining on earth everyday!

But the heavy initial investment amount is what makes customers hesitate when installing. Many top solar companies in India offer EMI schemes but they require collateral to process the same. Government of India also have many plans on paper to provide loans for rooftop solar plants processed through nationalised banks and at subsidised rates, but good luck claiming them and they also ask for collateral for the loan.

To provide with loans to our customers , BigWit Energy has onboarded multiple financing partners who can provide with collateral free loans for all our rooftop solar customers at attractive interest rates all over India!

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If you opt to install a rooftop solar plant through BigWit Energy EMI plan, we just need your Pan Card and Aadhar Card to process the loan, no collateral papers, nothing! Loan can be availed for period upto 3 years, and your EMI is nearly the same as your monthly electricity bill you pay currently.

Interested in installing rooftop solar plant in India on EMI payment, click here to check your eligibility.

To know the EMI plans and monthly EMI payment schedule click here for Solar EMI calculator.

What this essentially means is, you just pay the same amount that you pay for electricity per month now for just a period of 3 years. After that, forget paying heavy electricity bills for 22 years which is the warrantied life of solar panels. Life of a rooftop solar plant is expected to be more than 30 years!

So ask yourself again, why pay the expensive monthly electricity bills for lifetime, when you can simply pay the same just for first 3 years and then enjoy the free electricity courtesy of the sun !

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If you want to be the part of BigWit solar rooftop family, you can give us a call on 7082955224 or send us a mail on BigWit Energy is one of the best solar companies in Chandigarh, Mohali, Punjab, Panchkula and all of North India and we offer EMI plans of upto 3 years for our customers too pan India!

Alternatively you can schedule a callback from us at your preferred time over here.


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