Rooftop Solar Company In Mohali, Punjab

Bigwit Energy has been providing professional solar installation services for rooftops and commercial. The installation of a solar power plant on roof aids in the reduction of monthly electricity bills for our solar plant customers in Mohali. Assume you have finished paying a large sum on your electricity bills just cause you have not installed solar plant on your roof in Mohali. Worry not, Bigwit offers expert solar plant installation services for a variety of applications, including rooftop, domestic, commercial, and more. Installing a solar plant on your roof in Mohali can help you save money on your electricity bill while also supporting environmentally friendly energy generation.

Rooftop solar plant

We as a Solar Company in Mohali, have a team of SOLAR PLANT INSTALLATION professionals who will manage everything from the beginning of the project, which will begin with a site inspection for solar power panels, to after-sales customer support. Solar Company Mohali believes in providing the best services to customers that prove worthy of their money.

Advantages of installing solar in Mohali Punjab through Bigwit Energy


Installing a solar plant on your roof in Mohali is unquestionably a cost-effective solution with Bigwit Energy. People have traditionally used solar plants to reduce their electricity bills and increase their cost-effectiveness. You won't have to worry about paying exorbitant electricity bills if you have a solar plant on your roof.

Low Maintenance Cost:

Solar plants on roof, have been used for several years due to their low maintenance costs and cost-effectiveness. It only needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis which is also taken care by Bigwit Energy in Mohali. The rooftop solar plant also has an average lifespan of 25 years, which is an added bonus.

Suits in Indian Climate:

Mohali, Punjab in India has more than 296 sunny days per year with clear skies, making it an ideal city for using solar panels to power home appliances. India has the best weather conditions in the world, with plenty of tropical sunlight, allowing for efficient solar energy harvesting.

No wastage of rooftop space:

Solar plants do not require a lot of space to be installed on rooftops or commercial buildings. The solar plant can be installed on a small portion of your rooftop as per need and want. Furthermore, having a solar plant on your roof in Mohali raises the value of your property.

Why should you install solar in Mohali?

High electricity bills can be overwhelming for any person or business. The main issue is that you cannot reduce this amount drastically by making some lifestyle changes. Every family or business has some necessities, such as the use of appliances like fans, geysers, and lights, which cannot be eliminated from the electricity consumption and thus increase your monthly bill. Installing a solar plant on your rooftop or commercial property may be the most effective way to address this issue. Bigwit Energy – Mohali's best Solar Company provides the best services. There are numerous benefits including environmental benefits, to installing solar plants on commercial and residential rooftops, which is why we should go solar.

Why Is Bigwit Energy the Best Solar Installer in Mohali?

Choosing us to install a solar plant can be a viable option because we, the Solar company Punjab, aim to provide our clients to guaranteed services that are best for their budget and meet their requirements. We have a team of professional solar plant installers who have installed solar plants on a wide range of rooftops and commercial properties.

Bigwit Energy will make every attempt to provide complete service while maintaining high quality. Our objective is to reach customer experience through our dependable and quality-driven solar plant installation services.

Guaranteed Service from a Commercial Solar Company

Solar Company Punjab believes in providing our clients the best and connecting them with the most professional and renowned workers for rooftop and commercial solar plant installation, who guarantee quality and trustworthiness in their work. The team is comprised of professionals who will work according to your preferences.

Full-Service Commercial Solar Company

Whether it's a rooftop solar plant installation or a commercial one, our workers have done it all. They ensure that they will provide high-quality service. These employees are experts in every field. They have several years of experience and a skilled team in installing solar plants on rooftops as well as commercial buildings.

Ensure Your Health And Safety

We, the Solar Company in Mohali, understand the value of your belongings and property and connect you with solar plan installation workers who prioritise their clients' health and safety.

The Consistency And Quality Of A Commercial Solar Company

Our installation team at our Solar Company in Mohali is highly skilled.

Complete Project Management by a Commercial Solar Company

Our Solar company Punjab Experts handle every detail of your solar project.

You will be relieved to know that with us, you will receive worry-free support for your system for the rest of your life. We are available to you at all times.

Our customer service is exceptional. We no longer only effectively provide pre-setup offerings and offerings at some point of set up, but also post-setup offerings. We are confident in our work, additives, and machine designs. This allows us to provide a nice guarantee with no worries.


If you want to install solar and be a part of BigWit family in Mohali, Punjab you can give us a call on 7082955224 or send us a mail on BigWit Energy is one of the best solar companies in Delhi NCR and we offer EMI plans of upto 3 years for our customers too pan India!

Alternatively you can schedule a callback from us at your preferred time over here.

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