Climate Change- An Ignored Reality

We are receiving and sharing a lot of memes, motivational quotes, environmental quotes on our social media platforms. Some of them are very impressive:-

"Irony...economy is going down because we humans are buying just essentials."

Everyone is trying their best to contain the deadly virus, sitting still and looking forward. In this process where we have enough time to introspect and plan for the unknown future, I realised that this time economy will take all the focus or healthcare or education or may be most of the things we never wanted but one thing is for sure reducing carbon footprints will not be in our priority. We will surely defeat COVID-19, the only question is when? Few more months or at max we might have to wait for vaccine to be developed to fully get rid of it that might take 18-20 months.

But let's try to hypothecate ourself in most real and ignored crisis of this century Climate Change, Pollution, Plastic & Global Warming. To fight COVID-19 we are practices new measures- social distancing, lockdown, wearing masks & frequent sanitisation. What will we do if we start dealing with the problem of limitation of breathable air in our atmosphere? No govt policy will be able to address that, no protective measures will help if whole world is polluted, staying if home will be of little help since Earth is the only home we have....

Not Evident Yet!

Europe witnessed most harsh heat wave in 2019.

Australia Bush Fire.

Sea full of plastic waste

So, the question here is what are we suppose to do, what is the path going forward?

Start today!

Well, nobody was waiting for COVID-19, world went to lockdown in matter of weeks but do we want to wait for the making Climate Change crisis to be so big that no vaccine will be able to revive this planet. Even as an individual we can do a lot in starting our journey of gifting a sustainable world to our upcoming generation. Few basic steps to be considered:

1. 8 out of 10 containers/bags are made of non recyclable plastic, thinking about replacing them might not be a good idea.

2. Our next car can be an Electric Vehicle.

3. Our all appliances run on energy produced by coal that can be shifted to cheap & easy solar energy.

4. With current available technology even whole house/factory can run on solar energy.

5. Water can be saved and harvested easily with simple one time artificial ground water recharge system.

6. Our children can be brought up with basic practical approach towards adopting clean energy and importance of sustainable future.

Here the last point is very important since this upcoming crisis is not created by us alone. Past few generations lead us here with continuous exploitation of natural resources and can be reversed only if all upcoming generations are committed towards maintaining the balance of nature.


Not all of us are equally ignorant, there are few organisations/countries working way ahead of our expectations.

Air is not free, it is priceless!

We breathe, so we live. Our upcoming generation do not deserve consequences of what we have done. Don't push them in an unavoidable crisis. Today we have ample of measures at our disposal to reverse the damage we have done, it's just the need of realisation of speed at which we are traveling to destroy this planet.

"A small contribution can save your upcoming generation & this planet and its beauty of sustaining life can be preserved if at all we are willing to do so."

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