Book your solar plant at just Rs4,999: Discounts available

You can now book your solar plants upto a sizes of 20kW online with Bigwit Energy.


Installing a rooftop solar plant is basically a integration of multiple components such as solar panels, inverter, cables, junction boxes, etc. The prices offered vary drastically according to the components used and there are multiple diffrent offerings available. To help customers go solar in a extremely easy and convenient manner Bigwit Energy has come up with online bookings of solar rooftop systems!

You can now book your solar plant tension free with Bigwit Energy by just paying a amount of Rs4,999 online upfront. The customers will be presented with 3 standard options with all best in class components included and according to the plan opted, to help them get the best option for their need.

After the booking is made, the customer will get a call from Bigwit team to onboard them and further process the order. During onboarding process, the customer can edit and select other plans and change their system size as well.

The customers can then choose to opt for EMI payments for the remaining amount of tenures upto 24-60 months! This ensures that there is no upfront pressure on the customer to invest the whole amount immediately.

Customers interested in opting for subsidy also can do so by visiting the online booking page and selecting “Subsidy” in the plan.

How to book Bigwit Rooftop Solar Plant online:

  1. Visit the Bigwit Online Solar plant booking website here.

  2. Enter your contact information and site location details.

  3. Select your solar plant size and plan. Use the size calculator available there to estimate your requirement. Don’t worry, you can change it post booking.

  4. Once you select your plan, the page will show you all the details of solar panels and inverters. You can browse through our diffrent offerings by changing the plan tab.

  5. Then just verify the details entered by you on the summary table, and verify your mobile number through otp.

  6. You will be able to make the booking amount payment then after which your solar plant will be booked!


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