5 Benefits of Saving Energy

If you have landed on our website you have an interest in fulfilling your energy needs in a more ethical by taking decisions in more conscious and informed manner.

We just don't want to advocate switching over to the green power side, we also support the sustainability dream and encourage you to lower your energy consumptions by switching over to more efficient ways of using electricity. Lets note down the 5 reasons that reducing the amount of power you use will have a positive impact on your daily life.

1) You save money

This is the main reason! The more energy you draw from the national grid, the more you pay in your bills. All the variable charges which are charged in the electric bill are based on your energy consumption. If you reduce your family’s energy needs before installing a solar system, you’ll discover how much a little care makes. Generally a solar plant supplies about 60-70% of your energy needs, with a little changes that don’t impact your lifestyle you can have the sun powering 90-95% of your energy needs.

2) You become a conscientious consumer

You need to understand the impact of fossil fuel reliance has on the environment, our health, and the future of our world. Animals and trees are hugely affected due to the carbon in the air let alone our future generations. By making an active effort to conserve energy, you understand just how much you actually consume and what benefits it brings to your life.

3) You help protect the environment

Right now, more than 85% of the world’s energy needs are supplied by non-renewable fossil fuels. India is leading the way in the switch to clean energy sources, but we need everyone to do their bit and embrace clean and ethical energy. Voting with your wallet shows government, business, and thought leaders that we want change.

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4) You increase your freedom

The less energy and earthly resources you use every day, the more you’re able to embrace alternative technology and opportunities. You’ll be able to learn new skills and embrace alternative ways of living, appreciate the little things happening in your surroundings which you would generally leave unnoticed. You will notice that you have much more free time on your hand than you used to. Reducing your dependence on electricity opens doors for you to live the easy life.

5) You discover free entertainment

The average teenager year-old spends a staggering 6 hours consuming media via a screen. So much of our energy needs are taken up with entertainment – being plugged in, turned on, and tuned in. If you keep a diary or install a smart meter to record this data of the amount of hours you spend on screen devices or watching TV, you may be shocked at just how much you use.

The good news is that when you make a conscious effort to unplug for some of those hours, you discover new, fun, and often free forms of entertainment that enrich your life much more than the latest TV show. Play a board game with your family, go for a walk, or indulge in an art project. Sitting in one place doing nothing might seem bore at the thought, but in-fact its been proven that boredom leads to creativity.

Find out more about how BigWit Energy can help you save on your electricity bill while supporting clean, ethical energy.

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